21 07 2008
Just no. Do I really need to explain myself? When I say no, I mean no. So, no.

No, I don’t mean yes. I said no, and I meant no. Why are we getting into this argument again? There’s no secret meaning when I say no. No, it’s not going to happen. Don’t even think about it. No means no. No, it isn’t not a double negative.


Today is the day for no, no? No time like the present. No magician in the closet. No tragic calculators to do the business for me.

What is the meaning?

Do you have a question? No, I’m going to answer it. Or is it, no, I am going to not answer it?

Are the animals safe?

I don’t k(no)w, what do you think?

Erase the noise.

Silence the over-saturated visuals.

It doesn’t make sense?


(originally written 1/22/08 )