Agents of Future

19 09 2008
I recently rediscovered this amazing band that I’ve known of for quite a long time. The more I listen, the more I’m convinced that this is probably the most amazing praise and worship band ever of all time forever. Everyone should go to these two websites:

and download every song you can find (around 60 or so :) ).

Those of you who know me well probably know that I think most modern praise/worship music is utterly banal and irrelevant. I feel that most of it has no energy, reuses/recycles the same tired phrases over and over, and borrows melodies way too often. Sometimes it seems like the performers of said music are just going through the motions and everyone is just trying so hard to lose themselves in worship to God in the music. God made us to be creative people for a reason, so I’m usually frustrated when I see people creating art for God that is so unoriginal and consists of covering other bands’ songs/rearranging other bands’ lyrics and calling it new (“I’m singin’ hallelujah and gettin’ smothered by all these brothers who be stuck on the same page tryin’ to get their hymns played, only playin’ covers”…”If anyone’s in Christ then you a new creation. So then, REFLECT your Creator with origination” – Soul-Junk, “Pumpfake”).

Anyway, enough of why I think that music is bad, and onto why I think Agents of Future’s music is so good. These guys play with passion. It’s often kind of sloppy, it’s not produced perfectly, it’s not always sung on key, but it’s some of the most passionate music I’ve ever heard. It’s completely original, and the lyrics seem like they actually took some thought. From what I’ve read about them, Agents of Future isn’t so much a band as it is a get-together of people who love God and celebrate Him in whatever way they see fit. I’ve read that they have as many as 25 people performing along with them when they play live.

Besides all this, the songs are near-unbearably catchy and stick to your brain like glue. So, even if you’re reading this and you aren’t a Christian, chalk the band up to a bunch of wackos singing to an invisible man in the sky and listen to these songs just for the fact that it’s amazing music.

Since some of the songs are really bad audio quality and some are better than others, here are the songs that are just plain great and must be listened to (I didn’t really expect you to download all 60 songs, silly).


(from the soundclick site [you have to sign up for the site first, it’s not too hard and they don’t harass you with e-mails, just do it, trust me])

Without Strings ( – First song I ever heard by the band on a CD sampler. I listened to this song nonstop for a long time when I first heard it.

Everything (

Like a Child (

UR Who U Say UR ( – This one’s great, insanely catchy- download now.

There is a Name ( – Really great build-up in this song.

I Gave My Lunch ( – Song about the boy who gave his lunch of bread and fishes to Jesus. Beautiful song.

Songs on myspace: well, you can listen for yourself, but I strongly suggest downloading Nothing in the Way and Peace on it’s Feet. Those two are great.

Okay, I’m done now. You might listen to any or all of these songs and say to yourself, “Man, these guys suck,” but at least give them a chance. I think they’re amazing. Listen for yourself, and let me know if you agree. Better yet, let them know on their myspace site.

(I don’t know anyone in this band personally and I’m not getting paid for this, trust me :) )



One response

20 09 2008
Brandon Jones

Thanks for the link to this great band. I just posted a link to their music in our news section.

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