6 09 2008
You’re only looking through stained plexiglas. Quit pretending everything’s crystal clear. Your “manual” isn’t a window into the heavens.

If you haven’t been changed, then you need to make sure that you become changed, but it’s not really you who can change, you need Someone to help you change, but if you don’t change, you may lose your chance before you die.

In other words, you need to ask to be changed. So don’t worry, you can be changed as long as you change yourself enough so that your perspective changes to the point where you see your need to change and you are willing to make your request to change. Easy enough, right?




Oh, one more thing…

You can make your request and you may think you’re being sincere, but the Bible says that you must “believe with all your heart.”

But what if it’s only with 99% of my heart?

Sorry, 99% isn’t enough for my God. You see, Jesus loves you unconditionally, but we’re not robots, so He wants us to choose to love Him with all of our hearts. He died for us, so He deserves all of us.

Doesn’t adding a condition to something that is unconditional make it conditional?

God is love, but He is also just. He will not force anything on you (until you die, that is). He’s given you the free will to choose Him now. Do it now while you have that free will before He takes that free will away and forces you to the ground in worship before casting you off forever. God doesn’t like robots right now and wants willed worship, but if you refuse, He’ll just have to settle for forcing you against your will just before you are condemned.

I don’t really understand, but I don’t want to go to Hell. If this is the only way, I guess I have to accept it. Too bad for everyone who doesn’t, though.

Mr. Questioner lives as a Christian for ten years thereafter. He lives his life the best he knows how, but still has problems with sin. He wants to glorify God, but doesn’t know how to do so. Questions about God’s nature still linger in the back of his mind, but he suppresses them because “His ways are higher than our ways,” so why bother asking? Besides, it may be taken as heresy and he may have to be “delivered unto Satan for the purging of the flesh.” He then hears a powerful sermon…


… Are you living your life fully for Christ? Is EverySingleThingYouDo done for the glory of God?

If not, there’s a problem.

Do you watch television that does not directly glorify God? Do you forget to read the Bible everyday? Do you still struggle with sin?

If so, you’ve just learned something about yourself, haven’t you?

Don’t get me wrong, we all struggle with sin. But if it’s anything more than occasionally hurting someone’s feelings, then you’ve got some serious questioning to do. It may be evidence of something.

It may show that you’ve never known him.

[wait, never known him? i’ve been living life as best i can these past ten years. i’ve tried to follow all the rules of the bible, but i still fail all the time. i’ve prayed to him time and again to rid me of the private and public sins in my life, but it seems i’m never answered. is it because i’ve never known him? is he ignoring my prayers because i’m not ‘one of his children?’]

If you are not showing sufficient evidence that you have been changed by Jesus Christ, if you still look just like the world, if you still do the same things that you did when you first came to know Christ, then you probably don’t know Jesus and He doesn’t know You.

[what? then what can i do? if i change and start doing all the things mr. pastorman tells me, then it won’t be jesus changing me, but me changing me. how will that help? i’ve already asked god thousands of times for change, but nothing happens.]

You need to get serious with God and get your life right with Him.

[i’m already serious with god! deadly serious! i don’t want to go to hell! why won’t he change me?]

If God isn’t helping You to seek Him and putting You back on the straight and narrow right after you sin, then you may not be one of His children. Because those whom He loves He chastens. If you’re not being chastened, then you are probably not His child. If you are one of His children, it doesn’t matter how far you go, He will always bring you back.

[if i left god and christianity right now, would he bring me back? i could leave forever and i think he would just let me go. i’m so tired of this]

If you feel like I’ve been describing your situation and speaking directly to you throughout this night, I want you to repeat this prayer after me…

[this is bullshit. i’ve already done this a million times. i’m gone.]

Exit Mr. Questioner

Mr. Questioner realizes that his life as a Christian, trying to please God and live by the Bible, is making him miserable. He contemplates suicide, but realizes that this will only speed up his judgment of eternal condemnation. He decides to just live for himself and his pleasures, since he is headed for Hell anyway according to Mr. Pastorman. So he spends his days, living for himself by drowning himself in alcohol, women, drugs, entertainment, and anything else that will divert his attention from his internal terrors and fears. One night, after a long period of partying and drinking at the local bar, Mr. Questioner realizes that this isn’t any less miserable than what he was doing before. He decides that his eternal fate has already been decided and there is nothing he can do to change it, so why delay judgment any longer? He hops into his car, turns the key, and drives into the river, where he drowns to death.





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