21 07 2008
Indie music is for popular people.

Join the revolution! Be a part of the mass uprising! Be different like the rest of us! Forsake your identity!


Ibidibideebopbopbow. Woo! Yeah.

You know what I’m talking about, spoonfed children.

The charity case slowly runs out of reasons to care.

Does it read angry? It’s not meant to. Go back into your holes.

Forsake the longing for oneness with the world.

Get by as best you can.

Crawl out of the corner and take your place in line.

“men are wondering to get by,
floor, stairwell
should i try?”

Try to find meaning, I dare you.

Jack has gone free, you’ll find him someday.

It’s raining. The sand is getting soaked. This isn’t so fun anymore.

Climb out of the muck and wash yourself in the rain.

Let’s drop the pretentiousness and masturbatory, ego-stroking verboseness (there I go again).

Dr. Weyandt puts it better than I ever could:

“I’m racing racing towards it
Like when I was a small boy
Cutting through a waving field
Decorated by summer sunlight
Unable to remember
Unable to forget
Unaware yet at peace
Unaware yet scared
I’m racing racing towards it with fear and excitement
They seem unseperable
They seem so far apart
They are my close friends
They are my very ghosts
I’m racing towards it
Holding perfectly still
In the race of standing still”

(originally written 4/12/08 )



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