“There is no forever, just today…”

21 07 2008
“… don’t let your sacrifice waste away”

I was listening to the song “Wasted Sacrifice” by Killswitch Engage earlier which contains the above lyrics. These words seem to have embedded themselves into my head and they rise up in my memory when I least expect them.

I’m reminded by these words that I too often worry about the future, wish I were somewhere else, wish I was with different people, worry about what people think, and wish that I were different. Instead of focusing on making a difference where I am now, I constantly think about what is to come instead of appreciating and making the most of my present conditions.

I need to start living a meaningful life NOW instead of just hoping that one will spontaneously happen to fall in my lap. While I believe that life IS eternal, and that is something we should all consider, I also think that life needs to be LIVED, and that’s something I need to focus on more. I need to stop hesitating every time I have the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Something needs to change…

“Buried beneath the ashes is a passion for life.”

(originally written 9/20/07)



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