Questions (lame note don’t read)

21 07 2008
Am I humbly seeking contentment with a simpler life, or am I dodging difficulty?

Am I nobly satisfied with less, or am I afraid of more?

Am I bravely striving to try something new, or am I afraid of finishing what I started?

Am I trusting God with my future or just throwing up my hands, saying “Whatever happens, happens”?

Am I quitting because I’m lazy, or because I have no interest?

Am I continuing because I’m afraid of life outside these walls, or because I want to seize the opportunity while it’s here?

Am I stupidly throwing away a secure future, or seeking to find what it is I’m really passionate about?

Am I being wise and a good steward by staying, or am I afraid of being on my own?

Am I listening to what others say? Am I listening to myself? Am I listening to God? Or a combination of all three?

Am I looking for true happiness, or the easy way out?

Do I really have no interest, or do I just doubt my own abilities?

Do I pride myself in not caring about money, or am I just being lazy?

Am I being redundant, or do I just keep repeating the same question in different ways?

(originally written 2/25/08 )



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