Heath Ledger

21 07 2008
Warning: rant time.

I’m so glad that I see people (especially certain Christians) responding so well to Heath Ledger’s tragic death. Gee, it must be sad for his family, but it serves to the world’s benefit that he’s gone now. One less heathen to defile our children’s minds with his HORRIBLE influence. He was in Brokeback Mountain, which supposedly (I’ve never seen the movie) extolled the values of homosexuality, and therefore deserves the eternal flames of Hell he is probably burning in.


But hey, as long as he finished his role in “The Dark Knight”, everyone’s happy, right? Don’t worry about the fact that he was a real person that was facing real problems and has a real family that’s mourning now. I’ll admit, I wondered about the status of the film, but it doesn’t make his death any less tragic now that we know the film was completed.

But then again, we as the public only knew him as an actor, so why feel sad about it? If we were sad about every person that died, we’d be crying all the time. Let’s all laugh and joke about how he was a ‘fag in that one movie’ and he ‘got aids in brokeback mountain’.


Rant done- these are the articles / message board threads that set me off:


(originally written 1/24/08- also, last link no longer works)



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